Georg Gerster - Iran through the eyes of Homa – Persia from above

Friday, 16.09.2016 – Sunday, 09.10.2016


Persia from above

In the nineteen seventies the Swiss photographer Georg Gerster had the rare opportunity to view the entire country through the eyes of Homa, ancient Persia's mythical bird. 

For the first time he shows the results - a unique body of work.

This exhibition will remain in Iran for good as Gerster's return gift.

Georg Gerster (PDF, Number of pages 2, 56.5 kB) 

Invitation (PDF, Page 1, 236.3 kB)

Press release (PDF, Number of pages 7, 1.4 MB)

Extension of the exhibition (PDF, Page 1, 271.8 kB) 

Location: Niavaran Cultural Center Tehran