Swiss Ambassador in Hungary, Peter Burkhard ©Swiss Embassy

Dear visitors and readers,

Welcome to the homepage of the Embassy of Switzerland in Hungary. You will find information on the work of our embassy in the areas of politics, economy and culture. There is also an overview on the Swiss Contribution to Hungary and valuable information about both Hungary and Switzerland.

Switzerland and Hungary have old and manifold relations linking the countries and the people.  Paracelsus, Abraham Ganz, Emilé Gerbeaud, Carl Lutz, Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini and Géza Anda are only some of the names that prove a vivid exchange dating back to the Middle Ages. Connections exist among others in the areas of economy, the arts, diplomacy and gastronomy. Today Switzerland is one of the 10 most important investors in Hungary, and more than 300 Swiss companies function in the country.

These days our countries and the whole of Europe face a new list of challenges that can only be solved together. We have to find common answers to questions of migration, but also to the globalized economy, cross-border criminality and the conservation of nature. 

Alongside the official challenges I have my very personal one: I have decided to learn the exceptional Hungarian language in the four years of my stay. The vivid cultural life will certainly be of good use. Under “News” and “Agenda” you can find the events of the embassy on our website and sign up to our cultural newsletter to stay updated with our programs.

Under “Travel Advice” and “Living in Hungary” you will find useful information for your trip or advice for Swiss citizens living here. For consular services please turn to the Regional Consular Center in Vienna. You can find their contact-details on the right side of this page.

If you have further requests, please do not hesitate to contact the embassy by email or telephone.

I feel lucky to have the chance of representing Switzerland in Hungary and to foster and further deepen the good relations between the two countries.

With best regards,   

Peter Burkhard,
Ambassador of Switzerland to Hungary