Visit of Mr Ambassador Burkhard at Stadler Rail in Szolnok

Local news, 29.03.2017

Ambassador Burkhard visited the Hungarian branch of Stadler Rail, the Swiss manufacturer of railway rolling stock, in Szolnok and met with Managing Director Zoltán Dunai.

Ambassador Peter Burkhard (r.) in conversation with Zoltán Dunai, Managing Director of Stadler Rail Hungary (l.).

The visit started with a brief introduction to the Stadler Rail-Group and the factory in Szolnok by project manager Árpád Bíró and Managing Director Zoltan Dunai. It was then followed by a guided tour that allowed an exciting insight into the world of train construction.

The factory in Szolnok, which currently employs around 350 employees, was able to constantly enlarge its capacity since its opening in 2008. Preliminary highlight surely is the engagement for the manufacturing of 400 train buggies in 2017.

One of the customers of Stadler Rail is the Hungarian railway company MÁV (Magyar Államvasutak). With a fleet of 133 coaches, the MÁV owns the world’s biggest fleet of “FLIRT”-trains. Furthermore, Stadler Rail recently won the MÁV-tender for up to 40 double-decker trains of the type “KISS” which will partially be built in the factory in Szolnok.

Besides the construction of the buggies, the factory in Szolnok also offers maintenance work for the carriers. Due to the very good performance of the technicians, the team was able not only to do the maintenance work, but also to build own carriers. This year, over 70 carriers are going to be constructed at this site.

Also the second branch of Stadler Rail in Hungary – the service station in Pusztaszabolcs – will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Its work enables the MÁV to have a utilization rate up to 98% for their trains which is a significant output compared to the international results too.