Swiss Egyptian Business Association

The Swiss Egyptian Business Association (SEBA) is a non-profit entity established in 2004 according to Law No.84 for 2002 of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. It is founded by a number of Swiss & Egyptian Businessmen under the auspices of the Embassy of Switzerland in Egypt.

Our mission is to facilitate the Swiss Egyptian trade, to establish relationships, to provide information and to represent Swiss entities, as well as being a multifunctional center of services in the context of economical, industrial, commercial and cultural relations between Switzerland and Egypt.

Our vision is to be the preferred channel to boost bilateral trade between Egypt and Switzerland, a facilitator of business relationships and information among its members and investors and a representative body of Swiss business in Egypt.

Main objectives

  • To assist the development and promotion of business, economic and industrial contacts, between Switzerland and Egypt for SMEs and representatives of projects and activities of mutual interest.
  • To promote and enhance trade and economic relations between Swiss and Egyptian companies, including advising on potential investment opportunities in both countries.
  • To provide all kind of services which facilitates the establishment and operation of the Swiss & Egyptian enterprises.
  • To provide online and offline channels to link and communicate our members’ products and services to elevate their presence in the Swiss & Egyptian markets.
  • To share and learn from good practice examples
  • To formulate recommendations for raising the quality TVET
  • To increase cooperation between the public and business sector
  • To call for new partnerships between public, various business sectors and society initiatives
  • To enhance the role of the business sector
  • To create impact on a larger scale among youth to develop the Echo-system
  • business sector representatives need to not only voice their demands and needs but must take responsibility and be actively involved in TVET framework design and delivery
  • To develop skilled workers with competencies and capacities that fit the demand of the labor market, especially the business sector.

SEBA plan:

  • Support Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Egypt

  • Call the private sector to take responsibility and be actively involved in TVET framework design and delivery

  • Support Textile sector in Egypt; arrange seminars, B2B meetings in Switzerland, textile promotion trip, matchmaking etc.

  • Support social initiatives and children with disabilities for inclusion in education.

SEBA Benefits to Members:

  • Providing Visa fast track to get the Swiss Visa Schengen

  • Exploring potential business opportunities for members in the Egyptian and Swiss market, and fostering mutual cooperation between the Swiss and Egyptian Business Communities

  • Creating networking and promotional opportunities to improve your business success to grow

  • Advertising opportunities in our different channels such as SEBA Members directory, SEBA website, monthly E-Newsletter, calendar, discount booklet, booth in our major events etc.

  • Participating in our networking events, roundtables, seminars, workshops and annual Business Awards event

  • Legal consultation service and B2B solutions

  • Providing information, advice, market studies and reports

  • Providing a provision of reliable information on latest economic and business trends in Egypt and Switzerland

  • Liaising with Swiss and Egyptian authorities on issues of interest and importance to members

  • Forming a liaison between the Egyptian and Swiss educational organizations

  • Inviting special International experts from Switzerland in various sectors

  • Organizing employment fair to serve its members the best calibers in the market

  • Organizing factory visits to different factories in different sectors

  • Organizing professional training courses services and tailor-made courses to enhance the employees’ professional capabilities, job performance skills, and develop management & business skills through tailored management programs

  • Acting as an agent for the cultivation and further development of business links between Swiss and Egyptian firms

  • Representing the economic interests of Switzerland and Egyptian businessmen in dealings with governmental departments, public authorities and other organizations in both countries

  • Collecting and distributing information on economic conditions in Switzerland and Egypt and reports on industrial and commercial developments in the form of reports

  • Furnishing information about export, import and investment possibilities in both countries.

Honorary Members

  • H.E. Paul Garnier - Ambassador - Honorary Member Embassy of Switzerland

  • Mr. Adrian Hauri- Deputy Head of Mission - Honorary Member Embassy of Switzerland

Board members

  • Mr. Mahmoud Bazan (Hero), Chairman

  • Mr. Moataz El Hout (Nestle North East Africa) Deputy Chairman

  • Mr. Mahmoud Khalil (ABB) Treasurer

  • Mrs. Karen Weik(OSA) Secretary General

  • Mr. Kamal Abdelmalek (EAST) Board Member

  • Mrs. Salwa Morcos (Credit Suisse) Board Member

  • Mr. Walid Gad (Schindler) Board Member

  • Mr. Abdelaal El Sayed (SGS) Board Member

  • Mr. Khaled Gharid (Geocycle) Board Member