Regional Development and Modernization of the Justice System in the Czech Republic

Article, 09.03.2012

Within the scope of the Swiss Enlargement Contribution to the Reduction of the Economic and Social Disparities in the enlarged European Union, a total of 10 projects for old-age-care homes have been granted funding totalling close to CHF 15 million. The enlargement contribution is also supporting two projects aimed at the modernization of the justice system. One of the projects is concerned with the successful reintegration of delinquents. In October 2011, Peter Künzle, a journalist at Swissinfo, paid a visit to the senior citizens home in Vsetin before going to Prague to get an idea for himself as to why it is so crucial for criminal offenders to be successfully reintegrated. The articles can be found below under the corresponding links.

Elderly woman
One project seeks to create an improved environment for the senior citizens. © DEZA

One of the regional development projects in the Czech Republic has to do with the old-age-care home “Ohrada” located in the town of Vsetin. The project seeks to create an improved environment for the senior citizens living in this institution. To this end, structural improvements were undertaken in 17 rooms, in the home’s common areas, and in the sanitary installations. Simultaneously, at times with the help of Swiss partners, new working methods and approaches to looking after and caring for the residents were introduced. The project, which was named “Harmony Home Vsetin”, received financial support to the tune of a total CHF 1.6 million from the Enlargement Contribution.

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A group of young Czechs taking part in a training session.
Young offenders are an important target group for the programme. © SDC

Probation and rehabilitation measures and projects are key factors in enabling criminals to be successfully reintegrated into society, thereby lowering the rate of recidivism. The project for the creation of a probation and rehabilitation programme in the Czech Republic is precisely targeted to this end. The project aims at the reintegration of delinquents into society and at a reduction of recidivism on the part of condemned criminals. In addition, it functions as a measure of national budget relief and enhances the general safety of the civilian population. The project, which was approved in late 2010, is supported by some CHF 1.5 million from the Swiss Enlargement Contribution. It is built on the experience of Swiss experts in the domain of probation assistance and social work in the criminal justice system, and the transfer of their knowledge and know-how to the Czech Republic

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The amount of the Swiss Enlargement Contribution allocated for projects in the Czech Republic comes to a total of approx. CHF 110 million.