Stories from the Internet

Press release, 05.06.2017

Under the motto „Surf smart“, the Minister of Communication and Transport of BiH Ismir Jusko, the Swiss Ambassador to BiH Andrea Rauber Saxer and Amela Efendić from the International Forum of Solidarity EMMAUS launched the "Stories from the Internet" in official languages of BiH.

Stories from the internet presentation © FDFA
Ismir Jusko, Andrea Rauber Saxer and Amela Efendić at the launching of the Stories from the Internet © FDFA

Smart electronic devices and the internet offer great opportunities – if we surf smart. To inform kids and their parents about such opportunities and risks, the Swiss Government has created the website and comic book “Stories from the Internet” in all four Swiss languages and in English. The website and the comic book are now also available in the three official languages of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

The BiH versions of the website and the comic book have been elaborated in cooperation with the BiH Ministry of Communication and Transport and the NGO International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus. They play a key role in distributing the comic book in BiH, and the NGO also maintains an SOS helpline where people in respective trouble receive immediate assistance.

Meet the Websters!

Stories from the internet SR © FDFA
Strip © FDFA

Surf smart and without stress! Meet our completely normal crazy family: We are the Websters! The adventures of Julia, Seb, Max, Grandpa, Mum and Dad show you how to enjoy a safe surfing experience.

Please have a look at The Websters where the comics are available online, and as a comic book for download.  The comic book can be downloaded from the web sites of the BiH Ministry of Communication and Transport and the NGO International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus ( and and of course here from the Website of the Embassy of Switzerland in BiH.

Bosnian language

Croatian language

Serbian language

English language (PDF, Number of pages 10, 4.4 MB)  

Please help us make the comic book available to as many people as possible. For example, by forwarding this information to kids, friends, parents, teachers, youth workers, etc. If you want to print hardcopies, we are gladly making the high resolution print files available to you. Please contact us in this case.