“My experience in Switzerland & My experience in Armenia” cross-country experience exchange online webinar for students

Article, 11.06.2021

Swiss-Armenian exchange in international studies, research and internship has accumulated a number of interesting experiences that we would like to share with students and young scholars.  By becoming a part of this lively exchange participants will learn about the challenges and opportunities of studying and working in Armenia and Switzerland. Participants will be introduced to the procedure of applying for the Swiss government excellence scholarship (ESKAS) and will have the opportunity to directly refer their questions to the fellows.

In addition, by reflecting on the experiences of our presenters the students and young graduates will learn how to come up with alternative solutions in not standard situations, successfully communicate with local and international authorities, design and promote their project ideas.

Speakers are the former are young scholars, researchers and interns from Switzerland and Armenia.

If you are an ambitious, progressive, and curious student or a young scholar who is interested in the experience exchange in the field of international study, research, and internship, then this webinar is for you. Harry up to apply!

Apply here: Application form

Deadline for applications: June 17, 2021

Successful applicants will receive a link via e-mail to join the webinar.

For additional questions: mazmanyanmariam1@gmail.com

Agenda  (PDF, 193.2 kB)