New online platform for managing public administration and human resources

Press release, 01.05.2019

A project supported by Switzerland and the Council of Europe launches platform for integrating the management of human resources in Albania's public administration

Swiss Ambassador in Albania Adrian Maître addressing the launch of the public administration portal, Tirana, 26.04.2019.
Swiss Ambassador in Albania Adrian Maître addressing the launch of the public administration portal, Tirana, 26.04.2019. ©FDFA

The Council of Europe and the Swiss Embassy, in cooperation with the Albanian Government, launched today a new Public Administration Portal, a comprehensive platform for managing human resource processes for all levels of public administration. The event marked also the conclusion of the project ‘Strengthening Local Government Structures’.

“In 2015 this project registered electronically for the first time all local employees - from the cleaning lady to the mayor. Today this platform is even more complete and transformed into an instrument that improves the management of human resources. It allows for more transparency, equality and accountability to employees, citizens and within Government structures”, said Swiss Ambassador Adrian Maître.

On behalf of the government of Albania, the Minister of State for Parliament Relations, Elisa Spiropali stated: “The integrated communication platform on public administration - – designed as a concentrated source of information for human resources management procedures, is an outstanding achievement. Furthermore, the platform, being also a reporting tool, provides true reports and updated information on the main indicators such as recruitment, firing, job promotions, disciplinary actions, etc.”

The Portal connects public institutions and simplifies human resource management by regrouping all functionalities in one place. It provides real benefits to all involved in human resource management, including the public.

“The public administration portal, launched today, is a major step towards a more effective, transparent, inclusive and accessible Albanian administration which will lead to improved service delivery and public trust in democratic institutions”, said the Head of the Council of Europe Office, Jutta Gützkow.

Around 150 participants, including mayors and human resource managers of municipalities attended the event, alongside central institutions, the Department of Public Administration, governance experts and international representatives.

Key achievements from the ten years of work by the joint Council of Europe/Swiss Government project “Strengthening Local Government Structures in Albania” were highlighted during the event. Participants discussed also the public administration and territorial administrative reforms, inter-municipal cooperation and improved cooperation among local elected representatives.

The project ran from 2009 and focused on setting new standards in local governance and building new capacities for public administration in Albania.