Geography – Facts and Figures

Switzerland has three main geographic regions: the Alps covering around 60% of the country's total surface area, the Swiss Plateau (30%) and the Jura (10%).

Swiss Plateau

Das Mittelland macht etwa 30 Prozent der Gesamtfläche der Schweiz aus und beherbergt mehr als zwei Drittel der Gesamtbevölkerung. Die meisten grossen Agglomerationen und Industriestandorte befinden sich im Mittelland.


The Jura lies on the northern edge of Switzerland and stretches from the Rhone to the Rhine. The western end of the Jura forms a natural border with France.

The Alps

The Swiss Alps lie to the south of the country and stretch from the Austrian border in the east to Lake Geneva in the west.

Lakes and Rivers

Switzerland is the source of roughly 6% of Europe's freshwater reserves. Lakes and rivers account for around 4% of the country's surface area.

Town and Country Planning

Switzerland is becoming increasingly urbanised.