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Community Policing

To better solve today’s security problems, the police needs to increasingly cooperate with other public and private organizations such as NGOs. This pilot project introduces the concept of community policing in four Hungarian cities to lay the foundation of a country-wide implementation. Goal is to improve the security situation by bringing the police closer to the population.

Thème / région ciblée
Sécurité, stabilité et soutien aux processus de réforme
information systems on security law. Lutte contre la corruption et le crime organisé
Police personnel / management, involved civil society (like NGOs, interest groups), citizens.
According to the Director of the Hungarian National Bureau of Investigation, background and base of the project is mainly the criminality situation (especially regarding smaller property offences) in some rural and rather poor areas. This can lead to overreaction of victims against certain minorities who are suspected of being the source of potential actors. That’s why the regions chosen for community police (CP) pilot projects are underprivileged rural areas. At the beginning, the project will focus on their respective principal towns, namely Miskolic, Nyiregyhaza, Szeged and Zalaegerszeg; two of them in focus areas under the Swiss Contribution.

Hungarian registration number: SH 9/1/1

The goal is to increase the sense of security of the citizens and the trust between population and police. In order to reach this goal, proactive and problem-oriented working methods are introduced and different forms of security oriented cooperation between police and civil society are developed. Additionally, the necessary legal basis for anchoring of the community police concept and working methods in the whole country are prepared.
Under supervision and guidance of the Ministry of Interior, community police pilot projects are carried out in the cities Miskolc, Nyiregyhaza, Szeged and Zalaegerszeg. Chosen police officers will be trained in new, proactive and problem-oriented working methods before applying them in practice. Analysis and evaluation of the pilot experiences shall furthermore create the basis for a later country-wide implementation.
The expected results are:

  • “Manual on the introduction of community policing in Hungary”
  • 40 selected and trained police officers, 120 trained key managers involved in the CP implementation
  • Strengthened ties of the police to civil society
  • A pilot with community police officer carrying out their expanded duties during 12 months
  • Carried out analysis and evaluation of the pilot experiences
  • Trained 136 police officers of further 20 cities implementing community police.

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Montant de la subvention suisse:
CHF 2'000'000
Budget total du projet:
CHF 2'352'941
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en cours
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Numéro du projet: 7F-08178.01